I am a bit melancholic as I am heading Cluj, one of my dearest cities. The first time I was there was a few years ago, for the opening Nocturne for Incubator107 Cluj. I was with people whom I still love and miss, especially Stefana. So this post is (with) a special dedication for her. She is in The U.S. for now, a “now” undefined in time. My mind goes back in a flash to all those years spent in the attic, in Traian Square, the place where all the magic took place..
My time spent with Incubator107 Bucharest was the most transformative period of my life. I still don’t know if we as a community were the ones creating and constructing the project or IT was creating each one of us. What is sure, for anyone who ever made part of the community is that with all its magic, Incubator107 came also with a transformation in our lives.
The most amazing and the most inspiring events where the Nocturnes, the opening nights for every new themed month at Incubator107. Those were not just simple events, but shows in which all of us were at the same time actors and spectators, stage lights and soundtracks. Those were the moments when we were only one organism, the Nocturne, as if it was a living being with thousands of legs and hands and minds and hearts, put together just to exist in its sole purpose of providing magic/inspiration/awe/love etc(and here for sure could be put thousands of words,  one or more for all the people who ever took part in a Nocturne) for all its “body” parts, we, the project founders, volunteers and guests- curious and open-hearted. When I look back now, after all these years, I see what was the catalyst, or better said, who was behind the creative process who culminated every single time with more than 100 mesmerized people. Stefana was always there to dream about a Nocturne and make it happen by guiding us, the team and the volunteers. She was not only imagining an event with its theme, its structure and all its components, but she was giving life to an experience with its own spirit. There are moments when I feel like she was, at the same time, indirectly, guiding, directing our lives, as we were all breathing Incubator107, it was our air. Maybe for some years, we didn’t live at all, only Incubator107 lived through each one of us. And at the end, we were all transformed

A nocturne was as powerful only as a labyrinth theater show, something (something which you should know about that is profoundly life-changing) I’ve got to know and experience also by means provided by Stefana. It was again in the attic when/where I’ve created (with my team) and also enjoyed my first sensory labyrinth, under the guidance of Stefana and Lavinia. A labyrinth is exactly what its name says about it: a labyrinth of sensations, feelings, textures, emotions, people, memories, dreams and much more. You go inside as yourself and when you come out, everything is upside down in your heart and mind, but in a good way, in a transcendental way.  Now that I am writing it feels like I am connecting with those experiences again and I am living them one more time..I could have not believed back then where life would take me, as I cannot predict what is going to happen tomorrow or next year..I can only live the “now”, as Stefana is living hers, learning from my memories to direct at least my own life show,  as she was once directing Nocturnes and Labyrinths, hoping one day I will get to experience and enjoy something else she will create: a project, a movie, an event or simply a walk by her side in the Botanical Garden.

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